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Operational Structure

ArChem operates as an efficient and well-coordinated team at every operational level. Teamwork and communication form the core of our group. Our board members, operational management, manufacturing, sales, marketing, logistics and distribution teams work well together, which enables us to deliver first-class, cost-effective products, services, values, and support to our worldwide customers.

Competitive Advantages

ArChem prides itself on superior customer and technical focus while focusing on supporting, developing and manufacturing superior colourants and speciality chemicals. All of our industrial chemical manufacturing is executed to enhance the performance, appeal and processing of a broad range of products used in various industries and consumer-based applications.

The competitive advantages of ArChem as your business partner or supplier:

  • Established manufacturer.
  • Track record of quality, Lot to lot consistency.
  • Zero defect, Return policy.
  • Sufficient inventory.
  • Wide product portfolio, A great choice of shades.
  • Joint product development.
  • Total innovative solutions for every industry of the specific requirements.
  • Open dialogue and communication channels.
  • Long term commitment to meet or exceed the expectations of customers.
  • Competitive pricing, Optimistic margin.
  • Providing efficient service which is second to none.
  • Constantly changing industry requirements for innovative, fully customized products and solutions.
  • Consistent color performance, adaptability, flexibility and customization.
  • 15 years of chemical industry knowledge and experience.

ArChem makes every effort to better serve the global customers. We create and bring the best values to you.