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Import and Export

We Import and Export chemical materials from and to different parts of the world.

We started our business in 2008 with the export of chemicals and raw materials. Our product range has grown significantly since then. Meanwhile, it is very extensive and we can offer many products at low prices. By now, our product range has expanded greatly. Today we are able to supply products according to your individual demands and requirements. Different markets provide different conditions, so we adapt ourselves to your specifications.

Business Consultancy

We can provide the following services for both our customers and suppliers:

Market studies and analysis for various clients.

Sourcing strategies and SCM development and total sourcing solutions.

Product and business development for various global companies.

Technical & business consultancy, product development & manufacturing, marketing development, product supply and sourcing.

Welcome partners all over the world to visit our company and have a face-to-face discussion with us. ArChem is committed to benefit all parties!

Quality Control Service

All products exported through ArChem are under a strict quality control system. We test the products from batch to batch and do exact documentation in order to guarantee consistently high quality. We have a very experienced technical team and state-of-the-art facility, which enable us to carry out all types of evaluation and development work on behalf of our customers, as well as offering our services as an independent testing facility. Preparation, application and end-use evaluation are always performed.

After the sale, we call our customers to make sure they are satisfied with our products, services, and professionalism. Furthermore, we sign an agreement of quality assurance with our customers. In a word, quality starts with the customer and ends with the customer in our business. We pride ourselves on the absence of customer complaints and product returns.

Sourcing and Marketing

ArChem has diversified into several new fields and can do a full set of sourcing and marketing work for both our trustworthy customers and worldwide renowned alliances. We help you to get the worry-free products you need.

ArChem has managed large supply lines in Iran. With skilled global sourcing professionals, we are proficient in all aspects of supply chain management:

We control and guarantee any aspect and make your business safe in Iran. Thus, we ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Please let us know how we can help you with your global sourcing requirements.