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If you’re setting up a chemical manufacturing process, you should look for ways to ensure it’s as time and cost-efficient as possible. ArChem with an experienced team, assist you every step of the way and take you from the beginning (the design phase) until the end (the point where you obtain the desired product).

In the following, we start by defining what a production line is.

What is a production line? 

A production line is a line of workers, machines or equipment in a factory or manufacturing facility that passes work from one unit to the next until the manufacture of the product is complete. Each machine or worker performs a particular job that must be finished before the product moves to the next position in the line. There are some steps in a production line, including:

  • Initial planning stage
  • Product Development Phase
  • Prototype production
  • Commercial prototype production planning
  • Commercial Production
  • Marketing and Commercialization

How does a production line operate?

The specific manner of a production line process depends on the facility and the product being made. There are several factors that influenced production lines. The process will typically include some steps. Each step of the process must be performed at precisely the right time so that production can keep moving.

The production line needs a team of humans organized in line with the set of operations that make up a process. All positions will depend upon the requirements and technical specifications of the product. The end result of a production line is the final product with unique features.

ArChem is a team of experienced engineers who utilize special skills to help our clients rapidly develop and commercialize new products. For the last 10 years, we have assisted several companies and startups in various countries around the world.

We are experienced in developing chemical processes for the manufacture of chemical intermediates and final products. Our services include guidance on initiating new processes as well as ongoing project management. To learn more about ArChemʼs services contact us.

What should be considered in designing a production line? 

When planning your production line, there are some items to consider, including:

Space and Location 

You should consider a suitable space for all the workers and machinery or other equipment. You should map out the processes and consider a way for employees to be able to move around comfortably without disrupting any production lines.

Choosing a suitable location is also essential. if your customers and employees are far away, costs can become a major issue.

Product development 

Product development is a series of steps that includes the conceptualization, design, development and marketing of a newly created chemical product.

Complying with regulations 

products must meet certain standards. legal compliance with substance restrictions, safe use of chemicals, responsible sourcing and supply chain management are requirements that must be considered.


When planning a production line, you have to think about the operational costs, equipment maintenance, product management, salaries and other expenses.

ArChem is a multi-disciplinary company with experienced employees that undertakes from A to Z of product design, production line design, product development, marketing and commercialization.

After conducting thorough research on competitors and evaluating industry standards in the chemical products sector, we establish the production line and ensure that all its requirements are met. Moreover, we remain dedicated to supporting you throughout the production and commercialization process, assisting in the development and improvement of production processes through effective management practices.


How long does it take to design a manufacturing facility? 

The Design phase typically takes several months. the time frame for a new chemical facility from start to operations can take two years.

How much does it cost to set up a chemical production line? 

The cost of setting up a chemical production line depends on many factors, including: product value, market demand, production rate, required standards, etc.

What are the stages of producing new products in the chemical industry? 

Main steps of chemical manufacturing include:

  • Preparation of raw materials.
  • Deal with reactions during the manufacturing process.
  • Separating the products.
  • Purification process.
  • Product storage.

What products will ArChem undertake to set up a production line? 

Regarding all the chemical substances that the customers intend to produce, we can help them equip or upgrade the production line in order to have a more cost-effective production.

What services does ArChem provide in the field of consulting for the production of new chemical products? 

The services we provide are consulting and guidance oriented

What services does ArChem provide in the field of optimizing chemical products? 

Our guidance is in such a way that our contacts can equip their factory in the best possible way based on the facilities and budget they have, or if they currently have a factory, they can upgrade it in the best way.

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