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Our Approach

ArChem offers various high-quality chemicals for different industries, including manufacturing, paint and resin, and cleaning products. We come up with solutions in all situations we face and we try to provide our clients with the best service. We have been exporting to many countries and we have gained satisfaction globally.

As a trusted supplier of top-quality chemicals, we provide a comprehensive range of raw chemical materials, organic solvents and other chemical products with competitive prices, fast delivery, and exceptional customer service.

Our main purpose is time for a sharp solution. We manufacture the highest quality products and aim to grow responsibly around the globe. Quality is our main concern, we invest continuously in research, production and customer service. Due to our strong structure, responsiveness and certified partners, we come up with the highest standards. Additionally, we try to help our clients by providing technical consulting expertise to select the right product with the required properties.

At ArChem, we have a set of values, including honesty, integrity and respect for our colleagues

and clients. Everyone at ArChem follows these values and complies with relevant laws and regulations.