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Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid, also known as LABSA, is an anionic surfactant with molecules belonging to a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic group. LABSA is widely used as an industrial detergent. This product is used in washing powder, detergent powder, oil soap, and cleaning powder.

ArChem provides LABSA and other raw chemical materials such as Ammonium Nitrate, Soda Ash, and Ammonium Chloride for various industrial applications. Additionally, ArChem provides customers with other chemical products including Nitrocellulose, Nitrocellulose solution, organic solvents, etc. for further information please contact our technical sales team in ArChem. 


What is LABSA (Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid)?


LABSA is a sticky, viscous brown liquid. It is a synthetic chemical surfactant, which is synthesized through the sulfonation process. LABSA is soluble in water, alcohols, glycols, glycol ethers, esters, ketones, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid (LABSA), has different chemical and physical properties based on the length of the alkyl chain. So, it has a variety of formulations and many applications. It is mostly used in household detergents. Plus, this product is used in numerous industrial applications as an emulsifier and as a wetting agent.

LABSA Technical Properties 

Archem LABSA, also known as Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid, LAS, n-Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid, and Alkylbenzene sulfonate, is used in the detergent industry for manufacturing washing powder, detergent powder, liquid soap, oil soap, and other cleaning powders. Chemical and physical properties of ArChem LABSA are:

Molecular FormulaC18H30O3S
IUPAC nameDodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid
Cas Number85536-14-7
Molecular weight326.494 g/mol
Density1.1 gcm–3
Boiling Point82 °C
Flashpoint149 °C
Melting Point10 °C
Flammabilitynot flammable.

LABSA Applications

ArChem LABSA due to its low cost and high performance is used in different industries. Plus, LABSA can be dried to a stable powder form. Some uses of ArChem LABSA include:

  • Synthetic detergents (Washing powder, Detergent powder, Detergent cake, Liquid Soap, cleaning powder, Scouring Bar, Oil soaps etc.)
  • Textile industries
  • Dyeing assistant
  • Leather making industry
  • Paper-making industry
  • Oil Dispersants, Suspension Concentrates, Suspension emulsions.

LABSA Production 

ArChem LABSA is synthesized through the sulfonation process. Sulfonation reagents include sulfuric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, sulfamic acid and diluted sulfur trioxide.

Since the sulfonic acids are frequently used in the form of their sodium salts, sulfonation is usually followed by neutralization with sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate.

LABSA supplier and distributor

LABSA suppliers and distributors play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient supply chain and distribution of this important chemical. Suppliers carefully assess the quality and purity of the chemical to meet the specific requirements of their customers. They develop relationships with potential customers, participate in industry trade shows, and engage in targeted marketing activities. LABSA suppliers collaborate with manufacturers to offer competitive pricing, negotiate contracts, and develop long-term partnerships with customers.

LABSA supplier responsibilities encompass inventory management, quality assurance, packaging, logistics, customer service, and marketing. When contacting suppliers or distributors, it’s essential to inquire about their product availability, pricing, minimum order quantities, delivery options, and any other information for your specific needs. ArChem is one of the best suppliers of raw chemical materials at the international level. our partnerships with top suppliers in the market enable us to provide the highest quality LABSA for different industries

LABSA Storage

Storage conditions of ArChem LABSA are listed below:

  • LABSA should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated area.
  • LABSA should be stored in a tight-closed, ideally in its original packaging.
  • LABSA should be stored in low to moderate temperatures and away from direct sun and water.
  • LABSA is incompatible with galvanized steel, aluminum, and cooper alloys.

LABSA Health Hazards 

ArChem LABSA is a corrosive substance. Contact with the skin may cause burns and it is harmful if ingested. Some of necessary first-aid measures are described as below:

  • ArChem LABSA is not volatile. In the case of fire, fumes or aerosols are inhaled, remove the patient to a well-ventilated location and call a physician.
  • In the case of skin contact, remove the contaminated clothing and wash with plenty of water. Seek medical attention immediately.
  • If in eyes, flush eyes immediately with running water for a long time. Seek medical attention if irritation persists or if concerned.
  • In the case of swallowing, rinse mouth thoroughly. Do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention immediately.

Operators should avoid contact with the product. they should wear a protective apron, rubber or PVC gloves and a face shield.

Raw chemical materials are used in the production of chemicals, cosmetics, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals and food industry. ArChem provides customers with the best quality raw chemical materials and competitive prices on the market.
Please contact us for a price quote, to request detailed product information and specifications, or to have a sales representative call or visit.


What is LABSA used for?

LABSA is mostly used in laundry powders, dishwashing liquids, liquid soaps, oil soaps, and heavy-duty cleaners.

What is the other name of LABSA? 

Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid (LABSA) is also known as Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid, LAS, and n-Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid.

What is the price of LABSA? 

ArChem raw chemical materials can be purchased in a variety of volumes. Depending on your orders, prices are different. for more information, please contact our technical sales team in ArChem.

What is the CAS number of LABSA? 

The CAS number of LABSA is 85536-14-7.

What is the HS code for LABSA? 

The HS code of LABSA is 34029019.

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