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NC Solution Grade E

E-grade Nitrocellulose Solution is used for wood and leather coatings. Depending on the required solution characteristics and final film properties, you can choose Nitrocellulose Solution-E with different specifications.

ArChem’s expert technical team can help you to select the right grade with the required properties. ArChem also provides other chemical products including chemical solvents, Nitrocellulose, plasticizers, and other Raw Chemical Materials. For further information please contact our technical sales team in ArChem. Our team is always available to you via phone, email, and fax.

nc solution e grade

What Is E-Grade Nitrocellulose Solution (Nc Solution-E Grade)?

E-grade Nitrocellulose Solution is one of the ArChem products that is used in paint, coating and etc. This product is light yellow in liquid form which is soluble in Esters. In comparison with A-grade NC Solution, this product forms harder films and is suitable for wood and leather coatings.

In some areas, E-grade Nitrocellulose Solution is known as RS Grade. This product can be produced according to our customer’s requirements (Nitrocellulose percentage, grade, and the solvent required). ArChem’s expert technical team can help you to select suitable grades for different applications.


E-grade Nitrocellulose Solution is produced from a mixture of nitrocellulose and solvents in definite proportion. The solution type of E-grade nitrocellulose is much safer than nitrocellulose cotton in transportation and storage. Other advantages of ArChem E grade Nitrocellulose solution include:

  • In the production process of E-grade Nitrocellulose solution in ArChem, raw chemical materials with the highest quality are used to reach the best result.
  • In ArChem, high Standards for quality control and production methods can lead to the best performance. ArChem’s R&D team develops research programs according to customers’ needs in order to improve products.
  • The quick drying and hard film forming of E-grade Nitrocellulose Solution makes it better and simple to use.
  • Solutions which are made by ArChem, are completely clear and have no apparent impurities.


The amount of nitrogen in the composition of E grade Nitrocellulose Solution affects the properties such as viscosity. In addition to nitrogen content, the solvent is another important factor. In ArChem, depending on the required specifications, we can provide NC Solution-E Grade with specific viscosity.

ArChem manufactures different grades of Nitrocellulose Solution (A grade Nitrocellulose Solution, E grade Nitrocellulose Solution & AM grade Nitrocellulose Solution) with superior raw chemical materials and using advanced equipment. Our products have the advantages of visual transparency and the absence of any suspended particles in solution. ArChem products are customizable according to customers’ requirements. For further information please contact our technical sales team in ArChem.


Due to the properties of E-grade Nitrocellulose Solution, There is a wide range of applications for this product. Some of these special properties include:

  • E grade Nitrocellulose Solution is soluble in Esters.
  • It is more resistant to alcohol.
  • It shows excellent mechanical properties.
  • Their solvents evaporate rapidly

So, it is used in forming hard films. Some of the E grade Nitrocellulose Solution applications include:

  • Paints
  • Wood lacquers
  • Leather coatings
  • Paper coatings
  • Nail varnishes


What is e-grade nitrocellulose solution?

E grade nitrocellulose solution provided by Archem is a light yellowish liquid made from nitrocellulose and solvents. This product is mostly used in wood and leather coatings.

Is nitrocellulose solution grade e the same as rs-grade nitrocellulose solution?

Yes, rs grade nitrocellulose solution is the same as Archem nitrocellulose solution e.

What is the Archem e grade nitrocellulose solution price?

Depending on your required specification, prices are different, for more information please contact our technical sales team in Archem.

What is the main industrial application of nitrocellulose solution grade-e?

The major application of nitrocellulose solution-e is in wood and leather coatings.

Is e-grade nitrocellulose solution suitable to be used in paint?

Archem e grade nitrocellulose solution is made from high nitrogen content nitrocellulose which is soluble in esters and is more resistant to alcohol. This product is suitable for paints, wood coatings, and leather finishing.

What are the different types of nitrocellulose solutions?

Archem provides a and e grades of nitrocellulose solutions for various industries. A grade nitrocellulose solution is used in printing inks application due to the high solubility in alcohol. E-grade nitrocellulose solution shows excellent mechanical properties. Thus, it is used in forming hard films. This product is used in wood coatings and military applications.

What are the main ingredients of nitrocellulose solution-e? 

Archem e grade nitrocellulose solution is consisting of nitrocellulose and solvent as the main ingredients. Plus, it may include plasticizers, extenders, and other essential additives. At Archem, we supply our customers with specific formulations based on their needs and requirements.

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