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Alkyd Resins

Alkyd Resins belong to the family of thermosetting polyesters. The polymer structure of the alkyd resins makes them suitable to be used in the manufacture of paint and varnish with different specific characteristics.

In ArChem, we can provide our customers with all three forms of Alkyd Resins:

Depending on your needs, we will help you choose the proper alkyd resin for your projects. For more information, please contact our technical sales team in ArChem.

alkyd resin

What is Alkyd Resin?

Alkyd Resins are thermoplastic polyester resins that contain drying oils and are formed with three basic components including fatty acids, polyols, and dibasic acids.

Fatty acids that are used in the composition of Alkyd Resin, affect the physical properties of the final product. For example, the more unsaturated the fatty acid is, the less time it takes for the coating to dry. However, Alkyd Resins with nondrying oils (low degree of unsaturation) have excellent color stability.

Alkyd Resin Categories

Oil length is defined as the weight percentage of fatty acid contained in the total Alkyd Resin. based on oil chain length, ArChem Alkyd Resins can be classified into 3 categories as short oil alkyd resin, medium oil alkyd resin, and long oil alkyd resin.

Short oil Alkyd Resin

ArChem short oil alkyds have oil lengths shorter than 40. They are characterized by low drying times and are used extensively in the production of paints for metal surfaces. This group of alkyds when mix with secondary resins, enhances properties like adhesion and resistance.

Short oil alkyds can be used in automobile and industrial stoving formulations. they are also used as binders in printing inks. Plus, they are used in combination with nitrocellulose for lacquers.

Medium oil Alkyd Resin

ArChem medium oil alkyds have oil lengths between 40 and 60. They show mixed characteristics of long and short oil Alkyd Resin. Medium alkyds are used in the production of enamels and also is suitable for architectural coatings. Plus, due to resistance to light, this group of alkyds is used in automotive paints.

Long oil Alkyd Resin 

Long oil alkyds have oil lengths greater than 60. This group of alkyds is characterized by longer drying times compared to short and medium alkyds but is more resistant to aging and weathering.

ArChem long oil alkyds are often used in construction paints(exterior paints and enamels), sprays, and brush-applied decorative coatings.

ArChem Alkyd Resin Advantages

In addition to suitable drying time, excellent mechanical properties, high gloss, lower cost, and high hardness, other advantages of ArChem Alkyd Resins include:

  • In ArChem we use raw materials with high quality in order to find the best result.
  • ArChem Alkyd Resins are compatible with most materials, so they can be used for different applications.
  • Alkyd paints are water resistant.
  • ArChem Alkyd Resins have a higher renewable content, so they are environmentally friendly.

Alkyd Resin Application

Alkyd Resins provided by ArChem are extensively used in synthetic paints, coatings, and enamels. The molecules of the Alkyd Resin structure create strong structural interactions involving the formation of films able to protect any type of surface against weather and wear.

The major applications are furniture and architectural coatings, product finishes, coatings, and automotive refinishing primers. Alkyd-amino resin blends are the most important group of alkyd resins. Many industrial baking enamels, like coil coatings, and automotive finishes, are based on alkyd-amino resin blends. Chlorinated rubber is often used in combination with medium oil alkyds. The major applications are traffic paints, concrete floors, and swimming pool paints.


What is the application of alkyd resins in the paint industry? 

Due to the type of chemical reagents used in the production reaction of various types of alkyd resins, they are suitable for being used in paint. In the production process, some additives can be added to basic reagents, providing different properties to the final product. So the final product is highly flexible. Plus, the amount of oil present in the paint is another factor determining the qualities such as drying time, resistance, and consistency.

What is the ArChem alkyd resin price? 

Depending on your required forms of alkyd resin, Prices are different. for more information please contact our technical sales team in ArChem.

What is alkyd resin used for? 

Alkyd resins are used in paints, varnishes and etc. They are the dominant resin or binder in most commercial oil-based coatings.

What is alkyd resin? 

Alkyd resin is a binder made from some ingredients like vegetable oils, raw materials from organic chemistry, and petroleum solvents. There are three forms of Alkyd resin Short oil Alkyd Resin, medium oil Alkyd Resin, and long oil Alkyd Resin. Depending on your project, you can choose a suitable form of Alkyd Resin from ArChem Company with the lowest prices.

What is the difference between alkyd resin and polyester resin? 

Alkyds are polyesters that are formulated with drying or nondrying oils. In contrast, polyesters are oil-free.

Are alkyd paints water-based? 

Alkyd paints sometimes are referred to as “Oil-based”. solvent-based coatings contain higher levels of organic compounds than water-based coatings.

What are the benefits of using alkyd resin? 

Some of the benefits of using alkyd resin in the paint and coating industry include reasonable drying time, excellent mechanical properties, high gloss, and lower cost.

Is alkyd resin oil based? 

Yes, Alkyd resins are oil-based polyester consisting of dibasic acid, polyols, and fatty acid.

What forms of alkyd resins are supplied by ArChem Company? 

ArChem Company provides customers with all three forms of Alkyd Resins including Short oil Alkyd Resin, Medium oil Alkyd Resin, and Long oil Alkyd Resin.

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